bass plugin

What’s inside

Mammoth is a powerful yet intuitive bass plugin featuring two-band signal processing that includes a bass maximizer, 3 types of drive, a tone stack, cabinet simulations and much more. We designed Mammoth with simplicity and flexibility in mind. It's made for artists, producers and engineers alike.

Input: determine the desired input signal level in the range of -20 dB to 20 dB

X-OVER: control the 0Hz to 800HZ cut-off frequency

Blend: Your can mix the proportion of LOW and HIGH signal to your taste using blend knob.

SLAM i OUT: Use the SLAM control to adjust and fit your bass sound in the dense mix. Use the output fader to control the bass signal.

DRIVE: Choose between 3 different channel: RED - (V4 Head) PURPLE - (AC30 Bass Head) BLUE - (B7K preamp). Tweak the gain amount for your needs.

EQ: control the tone balance with the EQ knobs: LOW (100Hz), MID (500Hz), HIGH (1600Hz)
Choose MELT if you want to round up and warm up your tone or BRUTE for more aggressive type of sound.

BASS: Bass maximizer knob will compress and fatten up the foundation of your signal.

IR loader sections; provides you with 3 high quality bass cabinets sound and give you the possibility of loading up your favourite IR from the hard drive.

GROWL: Control how much of the crushing low end harmonics you want in your bass tone.

Mammoth knob: Mammoth Knob is our secret sauce for more aggressive and transparent tone, check it yourself with caution. It bites.


There is no need to open your DAW to use Mammoth. We do care about guitar players that simply want to have easy to use rig at fingertips. That is why we are providing standalone version of the plugin for everyone.

Easy and advanced

The Main Window is a hub for quick, all-around changes to the sound. Pick a preset, change a few main parameters and you’re ready to go. Sections unveil the true power of Mammoth, revealing options and parameters that open up a whole new world of guitar sound.


Demos and examples

Aurora IRs

4 custom IRs. Created especially for Mammoth. A wide variety of tones chosen to complement each other perfectly to make the best out of the Mammoth


Fast, accurate, simple.

Artist preset packs

Play within seconds using an array of presets curated especially for Mammoth by musicians and producers like Scott Eliot and Taylor Danke.

Fully scalable, responsive UI

4k UI - fully scalable UI, just as readable on a 4k TV as on a smartphone. Designed with simple, intuitive control in mind.

Cross-platform presets
exchange presets between Windows, macOS, iPad and iPhone.