guitar plugin

Cross the borders of guitar sound

A powerful guitar plugin that rises to the challenge. From delicate, clean tones, all the way to the heaviest wall of sound filling the entire mix. Rhino advances a proven formula, containing everything that’s needed to achieve a wide spectrum of guitar sound, all within a single plugin.

What’s inside

7 sections for virtually unlimited range of sounds Each section can be expanded, revealing more controls, additional subsections and options. With all that, the Main Window stays clear and simple, allowing you to quickly make general adjustments.

Sections overview


Gate, gain knob, 3 different signal characteristics, and a high-pass filter.


  • dial in the gate’s attack and release times
  • select the low-pass filter’s slope
  • choose between 3 different input signal characteristics

4 drive models, 4 effects, and a tone stack.


  • pick from 2 styles for each of the drive models
  • add a limitless amount of screaming input gain with SCREAM
  • tighten up the sound without changing the gain structure using BRUTE
  • crush the distortion with FUZZ
  • control the dynamics with PUSH
  • set the mix of the whole preamp ne-section

4-band fully adjustable graphic Equalizer


  • Tone matching - 3 presets for matching your tone to the most popular contours. Pick one of them and adjust the amount of correction.

Power amp subsection with 3 tone characters


  • 3 tone characteristics to choose from, as well as 3 knobs
  • IR panel for real-time mixing of 4 different Impulse responses.
  • Choose from custom Rhino IRs or simply throw in your own favorite IRs and find out how they sound together.
  • You can also export the IR that you’ve just created

Flanger, chorus, and phaser
Fully adjustable and synchronizable.

Time FX

Echo, delay, and two reverbs
(algorithmic and convolution)
Pick from 3 types of delay and check out custom IRs prepared especially for Rhino’s convolution reverb.


A low-end dynamics controller, a limiter, and a fader.


There is no need to open your DAW to use Rhino. We do care about guitar players that simply want to have easy to use rig at fingertips. That is why we are providing standalone version of the plugin for everyone.

Easy and advanced

The Main Window is a hub for quick, all-around changes to the sound. Pick a preset, change a few main parameters and you’re ready to go. Expanded sections unveil the true power of Rhino, revealing options and parameters that open up a whole new world of guitar sound.


Demos and examples

Jens Bogren signature IR pack

We are excited to announce our partnership with Bogren Digital. 3 IR's from famed metal producer Jens Bogren to use within Rhino plugin absolutely FREE. Bogren Digital recently released the Jens Bogren Signature IR Pack - Rhythm. The 3 IR's that are now available in Rhino are from his full pack release.

Check out the signature Impulse Response pack from Jens Bogren brought to you by Bogren Digital.

Visit Bogren Digital

Aurora IR’s

16 custom IRs in 4 different packs. Created especially for Rhino. A wide variety of tones chosen to complement each other perfectly to make the best out of the 4-file XY panel in Rhino


Fast, accurate, simple.

State recall

Try new tones without looking back. Quickly compare the changes you’ve just made. Globally or for each ne-section separately

Artist preset packs

Play within seconds using an array of presets curated especially for Rhino by musicians and producers like Scott Eliot and Taylor Danke.

Fully scalable, responsive UI

4k UI - fully scalable UI, just as readable on a 4k TV as on a smartphone. Designed with simple, intuitive control in mind.

Dark mode and vibrant colors

Two UI modes to choose from and a color theme that changes with the preamp.

Cross-platform presets
exchange presets between Windows, macOS, iPad and iPhone.