Flexibility of digital,
real sound

Flexibility of digital, real sound

The 510EQ is a lightweight plugin modeled after the famous American equalizer used as a 500 module and amplified with a vintage output transformer to add smooth drive and color.

At Aurora DSP, we're always striving to improve your workflow and create plugins that will stay in your arsenal forever. We bring the advanced features of classic gear to modern musicians, engineers and producers.

What’s inside

New in our Craft series, based on an easy to adjust graphic equalizer that offers 10 bands of proportional Q. Modified with a nicely colored output transformer that can bring your drums, guitars and vocals to the level you want with one knob.

Demos and examples


10 bands with Proportional Q

0ne octave centers

12 dB of boost/cut per band

"Proportional Q" narrows filter Q at extremes

Center detent for reliable reset

Drive Knob for coloring


Full M1 support