What’s inside

Unleash the raw power of metal with the Aurora DSP Chainsaw Distortion, a digital recreation of the Laboga Distortion guitar pedal. Inspired by Laboga Amp Tubes, this plugin delivers an intense, old-school death metal tone with a touch of fuzz.

What is it?

Featuring a blood-soaked GUI design, the plugin captures the essence of brutality. Amplify the intensity with the Boost option, taking your sound to new levels of raw aggression.

Special features

Introducing a groundbreaking Studio Environment Listening option in the standalone app, exclusively for headphones. Immerse yourself in a world of distortion, perfect for crafting basslines and distorting vocals. Take control with recording and metronome options, shaping your metal masterpiece with precision.

Aurora DSP's Craft Series Guitar Plugin is the key to unleashing unrelenting death metal tones, embracing the spirit of Laboga distortion with a digital edge. Elevate your sound, embrace the brutality.

Demos and examples

Aurora IR’s

Experience unparalleled sonic depth with the Cabinet section, featuring Impulse Responses meticulously crafted by Kristian Kohle specifically for this plugin. Elevate your sound with precision-designed tones that redefine the essence of raw power and brutality.

Neural network

Engineered by neural networks for unprecedented sound and tone sculpting. Experience next-level creativity as neural technology refines every audio nuance.

State recall

Try new tones without looking back. Quickly compare the changes you’ve just made. Globally or for each ne-section separately

Artist preset packs

Play within seconds using an array of presets curated especially for Aurora Craft Series by musicians and producers like Kristian Kohle, Scott Elliot and Cultifact.


Built-in tuner tailored for lowest guitar tunings. Precision meets innovation as our tuner caters to extreme guitar ranges, ensuring perfect pitch accuracy

Studio sound

Studio Environment Listening option in the standalone app, exclusively for headphones


Complete MIDI compatibility, enabling seamless integration with a wide range of musical instruments and devices. Experience the ease of connecting and controlling MIDI-enabled tools.

VST3 | AU | AAX | Standalone

Full M1 support